La Grande Area

La Grande is on Interstate 84 in the middle of Northeast Oregon, offering hundreds of miles of gravel roads ready to be experienced on a cyclocross (or mountain) bike.

Glass Hill

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This climb starts on the Morgan Lake road then turn left onto Glass Hill and it keeps climbing to the top of this long mountain to the south of La Grande. To make a loop, continue on to the freeway for a short trip on I-84 then Foothill Rd. back to town.

Mt. Emily Climb via Fox Hill

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This route to the iconic Mt. Emily gives you a punch in the gut right from the start, and then again after the ATV parking at MERA. Once you survive that, it is pretty mellow the rest of the way to the top. The roads follow the ridge the entire way up. It starts near the fairground at Fox Hill Rd. and then turns onto ATV1, the main gravel road from the ATV parking. You basically stay straight at each road intersection with one right turn just before the summit. Continue over the summit for about a quarter mile for a nice overlook from the cliffs.

The Werst Race Course

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Jason Werst was a fast runner and a fast cyclist. He frequented Morgan Lake Road in his training, which is just on the outskirts of La Grande a short distance from where he was a collegiate runner at Eastern Oregon Univeristy. The road is so steep, it prompted Jason to ponder the question: can I run up it faster than I can bike it? From this idea, The Werst Race was born to support Jason in his fight with leukemia. During periods of remission, he found the strength to compete in the race 4 of 5 years that he was alive, even competing in 2011 the year he passed away.

Cyclocross - La Grande Area Package

Provides 12 months of online access to road and gravel riding in the La Grande, Oregon area. Cyclocross bikes are recommended, but road bikes with sturdy tires or mountain bikes will also work. These are also good winter riding routes with studded tires on. See a sample here. This package also includes a 12-month subscription to any premium content at