Point Prominence Climb

By Brian Sather — updated Fri, 9/9/2011 - 10:26 PM, created Fri, 9/9/2011 - 10:18 PM

18.1 miles (29.129 km)

Elevation Gain:
2290.96 ft. (698.28 m)
Elevation Loss:
-244.76 ft. (-74.6 m)

Max Altitude:
6725.72 ft. (2050 m)
Min Altitude:
2692.19 ft. (820.58 m)
This is a long climb up to the Point Prominence Lookout Tower, an active lookout tower during fire season. You basically stay on the main road up the side of Mt. Harris (Forest Road 62) and continue on to about the wilderness boundary, where you take a right onto Rd 6220 (look for the sign for Point Prominence). The road gets rougher from there and then takes a left on an even rougher road up to the lookout.

    Climbing up Mt. Harris road from Grays Corner

    Riding through the tamarack pines near the top.

    Looking into the Wilderness from near the lookout.