Introduction - Mountain Biking Northeast Oregon

A little known fact is that over 800 miles of mountain bike trails exist in Northeastern Oregon, mostly all within 100 miles of La Grande. Hundreds more miles exist if you add in ATV trails and closed dirt roads. This is close to what the mountain bike meccas of Bend and Oakridge offer; yet, hardly anyone knows about our trails. Even locals don't know this much opportunity exists so close, so don't be surprised if you get a weird look when you ask where all these MTB trails are. Read more about Introduction - Mountain Biking Northeast Oregon

Anthony Lakes

Anthony Lakes is one of the main attractions for recreation in Northeast Oregon. Perched on the north side of the Elkhorn Mountains, it is usually known for fluffy powder in the winter and good fishing in the lakes during summer. Now it can be known as a mountain bike destination! Read more about Anthony Lakes

Baker City Area

Although not well-known for mountain biking, Baker City has a few hidden gems within a shortish drive from town. The drier climate and dirt makes trail conditions good much of the spring, summer, and fall but also watch for goatheads on some trails. Read more about Baker City Area

Echo West Vineyard Sno Road MTB Trail System

The cultivation-unworthy desert land of the Sno Road Winery has yielded a bounty in mountain bike trails outside of Echo, Oregon. These trails are rideable most of the year, offering some technical challenges to interrupt otherwise fast-flowing singletrack meandering through the sagebrush. The trails are particularly single-speed friendly, but by no means completely flat. The site also plays host to the increasingly popular early-season Red to Red mountain bike race extravaganza. Read more about Echo West Vineyard Sno Road MTB Trail System


Florence, Oregon


Not exactly known as a mountain bike destination (yet), the southern region of the Wallowa Mountains near Halfway offers a good selection of mingletrack that is worth the trip. Too much of the singletrack in the Wallowa Mountains is guarded by anti-bike wilderness rules, but the Halfway advantage is that the boundary was drawn several miles north of many of the trails, so the benefit is some good legal riding. Right now the trails won't classify as "epic," but definitely "adventuresome" with some fantastic scenery and a wilderness feel. Read more about Halfway

Hells Canyon

Currently under development. Read more about Hells Canyon


This guide includes over 8 rides in the Joseph area in the far corner of Oregon. The additional featured trails are available with the online packages for mountain biking or the all access pack. Even better, buy a bike from La Grande Ride at our low prices and you'll gain access with your purchase. Read more about Joseph

La Grande Area

Mountain biking in La Grande is oh so sweet! Some of the trails are a short ride from town and many others are within an hour drive. There are several hotels and camping options which make this a prime destination for the serious mountain biker. The Mountain Emily Recreation Area (MERA) is also in La Grande, but featured as a its own guide. Read more about La Grande Area

Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA)

La Grande's nearby playground for mountain biking, running, hiking, horseback riding, and more. The other mountain bike trails of La Grande have their own guide. Read more about Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA)

Walla Walla River

This is a mountain bike destination! An appealing characteristic of this area is the multiple trails with several entry points on highways or logging roads. Each trail exit is usually close enough to connect to another trail on your bike, usually by riding on gravel roads. There are also several campgrounds that offer the potential of multi-day riding, preferably point to point with support crews. Read more about Walla Walla River

Mountain Bike Access Pack for Online Map Guides


Provides 12 months of online access to all mountain bike maps and trail information. The trails are in the Northeastern Oregon region including towns like Pendleton, Walla Walla, Joseph, La Grande, Halfway, and Elgin. Some of the "hidden" trails that are part of his package include Sinks, Dutch Flat, Echo, Elkhorn Crest, some special downhill trails, and many more. The trails are scenic, diverse, technical, and downright awesome, with over 350 miles and growing. Each mountain biking route includes elevation profiles, maps, data, photos, and descriptions. Read more about Mountain Bike Access Pack for Online Map Guides

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Basic Trip Planning Service for Self-Guided Mountain Biking


We'll provide local advice and information to help you plan your mountain bike trip to the in Northeast Oregon. Our part of the country is challenging to access and difficult to find out information about trails, so let us help you get to your epic destination. This consultation will include the following:

  • Route planning: including GPS tracks, coordinates, and mapping.
  • Vehicle and travel recommendations: types of vehicles, road conditions, and parking information
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Mountain Biking La Grande, Oregon (eBook)


Sather, B. A., & Larson, M. (2006). Mountain Biking La Grande, Oregon. La Grande, OR: Recreation Publishing.

A guide book for mountain biking in La Grande. Key features include:

  • Precision trails mapped with authentic GPS data
  • Written by local authors
  • Thorough trail notes and descriptions with accurate mileage to help keep you on track
  • Detailed topographical maps and elevation profiles, plus three-dimensional views
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Advanced Trip Planning and Logistic Services for Self-Guided Mountain Biking


We'll be the planning and logistic advisers for your mountain bike trip to Northeast Oregon. These mountains are challenging for access and we can provide the local information needed to make your trip a success. Includes the following:

  • Route planning: including GPS tracks, coordinates, and mapping.
  • Custom weather forecasting for your exact destination, provided by La Grande Weather Service, Inc.
  • Vehicle and travel recommendations: types of vehicles, road conditions, and parking information
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