Baker City Area

Although not well-known for mountain biking, Baker City has a few hidden gems within a shortish drive from town. The drier climate and dirt makes trail conditions good much of the spring, summer, and fall but also watch for goatheads on some trails.

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Killamacue Lake Trail No. 1617 DH

This is a killa' DH trail that drops you 3,500' in 3 miles. A minor concern is that you have to get to the top with your bike somehow. While not as fun as the Dutch Flat Trail a couple canyons over, this is more challenging technically with less pedaling so "fun" is just a matter of opinion. Freeriders probably would enjoy this trail more than Dutch especially if they can get a mule to pack their bike up to the ...

Marble Creek MTB

A short physical ride with some fun downhill not far form Baker City. This loop starts with a gravel road climb and then a flattish traverse over to the good stuff. The marquee section starts as you enter a southern facing beautiful old stand of ponderosa pines. It flows beautifully over to the ridge, switches back twice, and then turns you straight down the ridge with a flow reminiscent of Bend trails--not surprising given the author of these trails. Unfortunately, it's all over too...

Phillips Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Phillips Lake is about a 25 minute drive from Baker City, and offers several trail entry points around the lake. There are plenty of of other recreation opportunities for the whole family. Union Creek is the main campground on the north side of the lake, on the left from the highway a few miles past the dam. This campground offers full hook-ups for RVs, boat ramps, car camping, and several amenties. Drive on to the inlet at the end of the lake and take a left on Hudspeth Ln to find other campgrounds, Southwest Shores C.G. and Millers C.G.. Read more about Phillips Lake Mountain Bike Trails

Virtue Flats

Season: Year around mostly
Perhaps this "mountain bike" area is named after what it is going to do to your tires. Nonetheless, it is featured as a mountain bike trail, was once home to an annual mountain bike race, and is still touted as a mountain biking area. The racing was abandoned presumably because half the field was flatting or maybe because of mud problems in 2003. During recreational riding, there have been reports of a