Rimrock Trail

By Brian Sather — updated Mon, 6/22/2015 - 7:32 PM, created Tue, 8/16/2011 - 9:57 PM

8.85 miles (14.243 km)
April - November

Elevation Gain:
1086.53 ft. (331.18 m)
Elevation Loss:
-1209.55 ft. (-368.67 m)

Max Altitude:
5049.21 ft. (1539 m)
Min Altitude:
3916.04 ft. (1193.61 m)
This cross-country ski trail mainly consists of fire roads and some singletrack. The route shown here is counter clockwise, which offers a moderately long climb on mostly roads and a rocky descent on a mix of singletrack and road. Either direction should be fun. The trail isn't very technically challenging, but is very rough and rocky in sections so moderate to expert riders in good physical condition should enjoy it. The route is very well marked with blue diamonds, making it very easy to follow. There does appear to be an established singletrack shortcut near the top of the climb, but the route featured here follows the markers for the bike trail. Get to the trailhead by crossing Mason Dam at Phillips Lake and drive south about a quarter mile to a trailhead on the left. Or, access it from a Shoreline Trail entry point. Trail Notes
  • Start at the Rimrock Trail exit, but ride down the road a few yards and look for another the trail entry to the left.
  • You'll connect with the Shoreline Trail shortly.
  • In less than a mile you'll come upon a junction for the Deer Lick trail. You can either continue on the Shoreline Trail to the right or take the slightly-more-difficult Deer Lick trail. They both come back together again so either one will do. The route shown here uses the Deer Lick trail.
  • After crossing a long boardwalk on the Shoreline Trail, you will find a trail junction. Take a left here to begin the Rimrock Trail.
  • The trail climbs up a few hundred yards and comes out to a road at a trailhead parking area. Continue down this road and take the first left.
  • Proceed up this road and take another left at the next junction, looking for blue diamonds to lead the way. This road is a less traveled 4WD that climbs through the trees.
  • After the climb tops out, begin a rocky descent back that includes a few ladders over fences.
  • While traveling under the power lines, be sure not to miss the trail sign on the left, to cross a fence and cruise back to the trailhead on singletrack.

    High above, on a rim of rocks.

    The junction with the Rimrock Trail (Right) from the Shoreline Trail (Left), on the west end.

    Split the uprights. Where the singletrack comes onto the road at the west end of the Rimrock Trail.

    A junction onto the rougher road, well marked by blue diamonds.

    The locals on the trail.

    A fence crossing under the power lines at the Southeast section of the loop.

    The trailhead.