Not exactly known as a mountain bike destination (yet), the southern region of the Wallowa Mountains near Halfway offers a good selection of mingletrack that is worth the trip. Too much of the singletrack in the Wallowa Mountains is guarded by anti-bike wilderness rules, but the Halfway advantage is that the boundary was drawn several miles north of many of the trails, so the benefit is some good legal riding. Right now the trails won't classify as "epic," but definitely "adventuresome" with some fantastic scenery and a wilderness feel.

Because no one is biking these trails, the singletrack needs some more action. Trailwork is definitely taking place, but mainly in the form of cutting and clearing downed trees. What is needed is more traffic on the trails, and that is where you come in.

Several trails are around Fish Lake, which offers good camping options and a host of recreation activities for the whole family. There are even several boulders and rock features near the lake that should be good for some hucking and slickrock style riding. The main road up to Fish Lake warns against passenger cars and RVs, but the road has been improved greatly so you can ignore that sign. Twin Lakes offers another more primitive campground not far from Fish Lake. There are several other camp spots along the road.

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