Lake Fork Trail

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11.54 miles (18.572 km)

Elevation Gain:
1471.3 ft. (448.45 m)
Elevation Loss:
-3234.36 ft. (-985.83 m)

Max Altitude:
6679.79 ft. (2036 m)
Min Altitude:
3206.43 ft. (977.32 m)
A gradual 10.5 mile downhill along Lake Fork Creek, starting at Fish Lake high in the Wallowas. The Lake Fork Trail will challenge your mountain bike skills. The final 3 miles offer particularly superb trail riding. Because of the current trail conditions, it is recommended as a one-way downhill with a drop off at the Lake Fork West Trailhead by Fish Lake and a pickup at Lake Fork East Trailhead or nearby Lake Fork Campground. There are several creek crossing and many rocky sections to navigate. The problem is that there are neglected and overgrown stretches in the middle, low-use sections. The trail will be good in either direction when a trail crew does some work, which should only take a day or two for a small crew. Once we get this done, it will be ready to rip. Notes
  • There is a sign on Road 66 near the Fish Lake dam marking the trailhead.
  • Start down the trail, which is #1876
  • At 4.7 miles, there is a trail marker intersection in the middle of a meadow. There is supposed to be an intersection with Trail 1866 crossing, but there is no noticeable rideable trail in either direction.
  • Continue on through the meadow. There are places on the trail with some confusing cow trails or disappearing trail. Just stick near the creek and keep heading downhill and you will usually come upon the trail again.
  • There will be a major creek crossing about 2.5 miles from the end of the trail. From there, the trail is smooth, open, and fast.
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 Waypoint #1 — 45.047290, -117.086630