Hells Canyon

Currently under development.

Deer Creek Trail

Season: April - November

Imnaha River Trail

Season: February-November
This ride lets you experience the rugged and punishing beauty of Hells Canyon. The difficulty starts with a long dirt road drive to the Imnaha River bridge that is doable, but not recommended, in a passenger car. The trail itself is one of the wider, more solidly constructed trails in the region but is littered with puncture weeds of all varieties. It is a strikingly beautify ride though, alongside the fast-flowing Imnaha River as it funnels through a deep gorge. You arrive at the Snake River 4...

Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) Trail

Based on historical significance and rugged beauty alone, this trail ranks as epic. As a pure mountain bike trail it is rather short and not built too well for riding. The journey begins with a long bumpy dirt road drive out past the Cow Creek bridge that crosses the Imnaha River. You then continue on the road toward Dug Bar until you find a trail sign on the right with the markings for Nez Perce Trail. For most of the climb up to Lone Pine Saddle I was pushing my bike. Instead of thinking, ...