La Grande Area

Mountain biking in La Grande is oh so sweet! Some of the trails are a short ride from town and many others are within an hour drive. There are several hotels and camping options which make this a prime destination for the serious mountain biker. The Mountain Emily Recreation Area (MERA) is also in La Grande, but featured as a its own guide.

This guide includes over 10 different rides. The additional featured trails are available with the online packages for mountain biking or the all access pack. Even better, buy a bike from La Grande Ride at our low prices and you'll gain access with your purchase. We can also assist you in planning your trip or bringing your local mountain bike club here.

Breshears Trail System

Breshears is a collection of dirt roads, ATV trails, and singletrack between Mt. Fanny and Mt. Harris. The terrain requires a full arsenal of skills ranging from creek crossings to steep rocky climbs that require carefully chosen lines and stellar balance. Much fitness is also required. The system is also known as the Mt. Fanny OHV trails.

Glass Hill MTB System

Glass Hill provides the nearest singletrack trails to La Grande. It is popular for runners and mountain bikers because of the easy access, challenge, scenery, wildlife, and even a few magnificent valley views. The ground is incredibly resilient from rain and the course has held up well over the years with very minimal maintenance. The high point is over 5000' so snow usually lingers until mid-spring but otherwise it is rideable and runnable right after the snow melts. Read more

^ The lower meadow of the Glass Hill System.

La Grande Reservoir

The funny thing about La Grande Reservoir is that no one in La Grande knows where it is. Perhaps that is because it is also known as Beaver Creek Reservoir. Probably not. Perhaps because you can't drive to it or take an ATV to it. Or, perhaps because it is nowhere near La Grande. Well it's actually not that far from La Grande but driving to the trailhead is a long way around. Read more

^ La Grande Reservoir
^ A resident caretaker used to live at the lake in this dwelling.