Walla Walla River

This is a mountain bike destination! An appealing characteristic of this area is the multiple trails with several entry points on highways or logging roads. Each trail exit is usually close enough to connect to another trail on your bike, usually by riding on gravel roads. There are also several campgrounds that offer the potential of multi-day riding, preferably point to point with support crews.

Mountain bikers commonly refer to these trails as simply “awesome!” The Walla Walla has developed quite a reputation in the Northwest as a spot for great mountain biking, yet many locals haven’t even experienced the trails. Don’t let these trails evade you. Any mountain biker that travels within a couple hours of Walla Walla MUST come check these out. The trails are very, very long and so addicting that you might find yourself riding into one of the most epic MTB rides of a lifetime.

The trails are characterized by smooth singletrack, perfect for climbing hard and descending fast. Motorcross riders keep the trails mostly cleared of debris. Most descents are so smooth and predictable, you’ll wonder why you aren’t going faster. At times, you're so busy enjoying the trail that you don’t realize how beautiful the views passing you by. However, some of the views are so stunning you can’t ignore. A break in the trees can reveal surreal view of the massive river canyons.

Traditionally the Walla Walla area is very hot in the summer, but these trails offer surprising relief from the heat. The main advantage is that the steep canyon sidewalls block the sun, and most of the trails are under thick forests because they follow creek and river beds.

From La Grande, these trails can be accessed Mottet Springs or Target Meadows. The most common and less physically demanding place to start riding these trails is Harris Park, outside of Milton-Freewater, Oregon but this is a long drive from La Grande. If equipped with a really sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle and a sense of adventure, the upper end can be accessed via Tiger Canyon.

This guide includes over 8 different rides and includes connectors between trails for coverage of all of the trails around Tollgate, Oregon. The additional featured trails are available with the online packages for Walla Walla River, mountain biking access pack or the all access pack. Even better, buy a bike from La Grande Ride at our low prices and you'll gain access with your purchase.

Bear Creek - North Fork - Table Springs Loop

Season: June-October
Try your hardest to avoid the magnificent views that occasionally open up in the descents, because a slight wheel deviation can have you plummeting over the edge. In fact, the views are so good that you might want to warn your party that you will be stopping to take a moment on the trail. Both the North Fork climb (north part of the loop) and Table Springs descent (south section) trail mostly follow the north slopes of the canyons, so they travel through thickly forested sides of the ridges. ...

Bobsled Trail

Bobsled has potential as a fun mountain bike ride. It is difficult to get to and isn't in that good of shape. It is basically unrideable right now so I didn't go too far down it and the track here just shows what I did to document there is something there. If repaired the trail should be good because it follows a scenic ridgetop and stays out of the trees. There are also two trails off of it that might potentially create some loops. However, I could not find any sign of the first trail that was ...

Burnt Cabin Trail

Season: June-October
The trailhead is a few miles down the road from Target Meadows Campground. The trail begins the only way it can, by switching back repeatedly on the canyon walls. You may want to start counting switchbacks so you can count up on the way back. Many of the switchbacks are tight and rocky, but the trail “straight” sections are safely rideable. However, riding back up them will be nearly impossible as the climb begins to get steep after leaving the stream. Near the bottom, a creek crossing get...

Eagle Ridge Trail

Season: June-October
This somewhat obscure trail is surprisingly smooth and consistent for mountain biking. This trail is the ultimate out and back combination of climbing and descending. The trail meanders through slightly rolling terrain and then it treats you to alternating glimpses of parched Ponderosa side hill riding and tunnels of dense forest as it alternates from south and north sides of the ridge. Then you encounter a purely fast, fun, and challenging descent which will be equally the opposite when you com...

Eagle Ridge, White Stag Beginner Mountain Bike Loop

A family friendly loop that is one of the few beginner trails around. The toughest part is right at the beginning with a few roots to ride over but the rest is gentle and easy. Start with some singletrack on the Eagle Ridge Trail just off of Balloon Tree Rd. between Woodland Campground and Spout Springs Ski Area. When you come to first trail intersection about a mile out, take a left and climb a bit. Stay l...

Horseshoe Prairie Trail

This secret trail is a backcountry gagsta way to make a loop of the Umatilla Rim Trail when you arrive at Ninemile Ridge Trailhead. This route gives you a more direct route back to the Horseshoe Prairie Trailhead. You'll want to take this trail if, (a) you abhor out-and-back and want to make a loop of the Umatilla Rim experience or (b) you think the Umatilla Rim is a wussy flat and fast trail and you want something ...

Indian Ridge Trail #3221 MTB

Season: June-October
Indian Ridge is a 5 mile trail with 3.5 miles of misery sandwiching 1.5 miles of awesome ridge riding. The 1.5 miles is almost so good that you forget about the other crap riding, but not really. So, it's probably not worth the time to ride this trail unless your goal is simply to conquer or you bring some tools to improve it. The Forest Service does indicate Indian Ridge is a mountain bike trail (also

Sinks Trail 3233 MTB

Season: June-October
The Sinks Trail is a secret gem hidden away in the backwoods of the Blue Mountains. It is named after the sunken ground that it skirts on the bottom end of the trail, which is a special area held sacred by the Native American tribes. When you visit and ride this trail, you will respect it too. From the bottom, the trail meanders through the woods at a very manageable incline, but the return is a ripping descent. It is one of the most fantastic downhill rides anywhere. The only real drawback...

South Fork Walla Walla River

Season: March-November
This is the backbone trail that is the "Walla Walla" when it comes to mountain biking. Starting at the popular Harris Park outside Milton-Freewater, Oregon, the trail is well-used mostly wide-open and fast. It shares a road off and on up to some cabins before becoming strictly singletrack. The incline is rarely steep as it follows the Walla Walla River very closely most of the time. The farther away from Harris Park you travel, the more rocky and difficult the trail becomes. However, as you begi...

Spout Springs

Season: June-October
This is a fantastic, yet underused, loop through and around Spout Springs Ski Area that enjoys some rim riding over the Lookinglass drainage with views all the way into Idaho. About half of this ride is on singletrack, the other half on logging roads that have been closed to traffic, which are actually cross country ski trails in the winter. One problem is that this trail doesn't get much traffic, so there are areas you have to do some bushwhack...

Umatilla Rim

Season: June-October
One of the must-do signature trails of the region, The Umatilla Rim Trail is awesome mountain biking. It offers rolling terrain, without much difficult climbing. The path curls in and out of the drainages along the rim of the North Fork Umatilla River. This provides alternating deep forest and exposed rocky ridges with bountiful views. The trail has awesome flow and fun. The trail on this map is just of the singletrack, shown one direction from the start near the highway (across from Andies ...

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