La Grande Area

Andies Prairie Climb

Connecting Elgin and Tollgate, this climb starts easy and ever-so-slightly increases gradient until a somewhat vicious climax at Andies Prairie SnoPark.

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Big Mission Loop

A massive undertaking in one day, over two major climbs, the Big Mission Loop goes up to Tollgate and then on a long descent down to the Umatilla River, through the Native American town of Mission, and then up the old highway to Deadman Pass. There is a relatively short freeway ride between Spring Creek and La Grande, but otherwise the route is on sparsely traveled beautiful country roads.

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Grande Ronde Time Trial

Very fast, very straight. This course is sure to accommodate a top speed performance. The timer starts on the west end of Market Lane and travels about 4 miles to a bend in the road that takes riders past the historic Lower Cove School location and then across a bridge over the Grande Ronde River. The turnaround is at caution signs that flank the road. The east/west nature of the road helps negate the effects of the notorious south and north winds of the Grande Ronde Valley.

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Hour of Faith Course

Bring your road bike and your courage. This ride is for (somewhat) experienced riders.
The agenda

  • Roll out from La Grande Ride Headquarters on Albany St. at 6:30 am.
  • Roll south down 21st St and then past Bi-mart on 20th.
  • Cross Gekeler and hit the short climb up the cemetery full throttle (big chainring only).
  • Cruise down the hill and roll west on Gekeler.
  • Turn left on 12th St and full throttle to the top of the pavement
  • Cruise down and turn left on Gekeler, then right on 2nd street and roll easy for a while.
  • After the ...
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La Grande - Through Town (North to South)

A recommended bike route from the north side of La Grande to the south side.

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Wallowa Mountains Road Bike Loop

This is the big massive, big scenic loop. While very popular for motorcycles, not many cyclists try it because of the brutal climbing and isolation on the backside of the Wallowas. The route shown here is counterclockwise starting in La Grande. It includes a secret cut-off through Keating (east of Baker City) on Miles Bridge Rd, Keating Cutoff Rd, and Banta Rd in that order. It will add a couple miles of nice gravel road but save you about 50 miles of riding on pavement out of the way to Baker City.

Warning: The Pine Creek Summit climb is mercilessly long and the Salt Creek Summit cl...
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Road Bike - La Grande Area Package


Provides 12 months of online access to several road rides in the La Grande, Oregon area. Long climbs are featured and lots of country road riding. Just about every paved road in the area is covered. See a sample here. This package also includes a 12-month subscription to any premium content at Read more about Road Bike - La Grande Area Package

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