Trail Work Update for MERA

Construction is underway on the Super D trail for downhill mountain biking. Trail work on Tuesday evenings is focused on people digging out the trail with hand tools on the steepest sections. The remainder of the trail will be constructed using an excavator rented by the Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club. Super D is a downhill trail that will start at the rock cliff overlook where Mt. Emily Road tops out. The trail drop down several hundred feet and connect near the top of the Upper U-Hotshot trail.

The Caffeine Trail will complement the Super D trail by providing a means to climb up to the trail, or also an alternate way to descend. It will connect to the Super D trail near the top of the trail. This trail will also be built using the excavator. A new version of the Upper U-Hotshot trail has been completed, which will replace the old Upper U-Hotshot trail taken by the bowmen. Eventually a trail tentatively called "Flow" will be constructed that is relatively flat and beginner-friendly.