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PROPOSAL: Building a Dirt Freeride Park at MERA


The attached was presented to the non-motorized advisory board of Union County. This project primarily focuses on the development of a dirt jump venue for BMX and freeride bikes at the Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA) in Union County, Oregon. A dirt freeride park includes several mounds of dirt shaped for aerial stunts and creative bike tricks, placed in a small area (approximately 1 acre) to allow for many repetitions. The project will also have other phases, including the addition of an adult supervision singletrack mountain bike trail and a competition quality BMX race track. Read more

Our First Test of the Demo Mountainboards

We've got 2 demo mountainboards. Here are some pictures from our first experiment. Contact us if you want to try them out!

Mountainboarding Video

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MBS Mountainboarding

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