Hale Spring Trail

By Brian Sather — updated Thu, 10/20/2011 - 10:16 PM, created Wed, 10/19/2011 - 9:58 PM

2.62 miles (4.216 km)
May - October

Elevation Gain:
1376.7 ft. (419.62 m)
Elevation Loss:
-200.28 ft. (-61.04 m)

Max Altitude:
5583.99 ft. (1702 m)
Min Altitude:
3285.27 ft. (1001.35 m)
This is one of the few trails that connects the Grande Ronde Valley floor to the top ridge of the Blue Mountains. It is all climb, albeit fairly consistent and not terribly steep. At the lower end it is rocky and grown in. The middle section has some switchbacks before arriving at the ridge, where it stays in the trees as it travels to the top. The section near the top is usually grown in but only for a few hundred feet. Despite the low traffic this trail gets, it stays in fairly good condition. The trail is accessed on Dial Lane in Summerville at the low end and Road 3120 (the road to Indian Rock) at the top. Both trail entries are unmarked.

    A switchback near the top.


    Trail entry/exit at the top, on Road 3120 (looking North). Note the trail on the bottom right.

    The trail entry/exit as seen from Road 3120 looking South. The trail is on the left near the pack.