Zachary Heath

Zachary is a fitness freak and gear guru. His knowledge ranges from running to endurance cycling and is now venturing into extreme sports including rock climbing, river kayaking, ski diving, BC skiing, and much more. Zachary Heath holds a MS in Kinesiology. He has been competitive in many sports as both an athlete and coach. These sports include college level Track and Field paired with Cross Country, road cycling, and triathlon; he has coach a very broad range of athletes from running to crazy endurance sports. Zachary has lived in Boise, Idaho for most of his life and moved to La Grande, OR for schooling and now is a Health and Wellness Professor for the University. Zachary has also lived abroad in Australia where he took up surfing as a hobby sport.

Zachary's main goal in life is to try everything and stop at nothing to achieve it. "I love fitness and more so I love the outdoors. A challenge always lies around a corner waiting to be defeated."