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Lower Indian Creek Trail of Breshears

Lower rooty section singltrack on the Breshears

Breshears Trail System

Breshears is a collection of dirt roads, ATV trails, and singletrack between Mt. Fanny and Mt. Harris. The terrain requires a full arsenal of skills ranging from creek crossings to steep rocky climbs that require carefully chosen lines and stellar balance. Much fitness is also required. The system is also known as the Mt. Fanny OHV trails.

Hit the Flo Podcast 9-13-2014

Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather from the La Grande Ride Headquarters in La Grande, Oregon, USA. Topics include new trails, bar plug safety, new road artwork popping up, and more.

^ Selfie taken right about the time of the crash.
^ Dominic on a new Breshears singletrack section.
^ Rock hopping near Mt. Fanny.
^ Excavator at MERA heading toward Indian Rock
^ La Grande watershed

New MERA Trails Introduced


This summer new non-motorized trail is rapidly forming at Mt. Emily Recreation Area (MERA). La Grande Ride has tracked the trails as they are opening, with The MERA Map now reflecting new trail that is rough but rideable. New trails include: Read more

^ The Caffeine Trail puts you up there with a view of La Grande
^ The culprit.
^ The trail is rough, as would be expected for starters.

How We Do Podcast 8-8-14

COO Tesmond Hurd and CEO Brian Sather from La Grande Ride HQ, La Grande, Oregon, USA. Topics include The Merger, Zach's trailhead music, newly discovered trails, and more.

^ M. Jordan was here. Photo by D. Hendrickson.
^ A trail merger at La Grande Reservoir area.
^ Fun log hopping at La Grande Reservoir

La Grande Weather Service Merges with La Grande Ride, Inc.

LA GRANDE, OR—Local business La Grande Weather Service, Inc. (LGDWS) has made the official move to merge with La Grande Ride, Inc. located on 1501 Madison Avenue in La Grande. Since 2009, the weather service has been providing reliable and accurate forecasting for Northeastern Oregon, becoming a corporation in Oregon in 2012. Both businesses have provided complimentary services during recent years which spawned merger talks that became more serious in recent months in an effort to become more efficient. Read more

Thonney Wins Mountain Bike Race at Spout Springs

TOLLGATE, OR-- Kevin Thonney (Bicycle Barn) of Walla Walla charged up the ski hill to take the KOM prime and never looked back for a decisive win at the Roundabout Spout XC Mountain Bike Race July 12, 2014. Jonathan Myers (Team S&M) of Portland moved into 2nd place on the difficult climbs at the far end of the course as Dominic Clay (Oregon Trail) of La Grande held steady to round out the podium. Barbara Kreisle of Boise took the win despite double flatting out on the course. Read more

^ Thonney for the win. Photo E. Mills
^ Myers finished second. Photo L. Sather
^ Myers (left) and Clay finished 2nd and 3rd overall. Photo E. Mills.
^ Life flight was well positioned on the sledding hill of Spout Springs.
^ Kreisle celebrates her QOM with a drink. Picture B. Welch.
^ Union County Search & Rescue ambitiously leads out the Sport Category
^ Javin Berg of Dixie, WA won the Sport Category
^ It was a 3 man race at the bottom of the ski hill climb for the KOM prize.
^ The Life Flight helicopter with an impressive take-off and landing.
^ Expert men podium