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Cobbleseal Podcast 4-15-14

Communication Technician I Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather from La Grande Ride HQ. Topics include: New Trails at MERA, Tesmond's new job, Go Home, and Tour of Walla Walla,

Go Home (Director's Cut)

Go Home: Backcountry Skiing in NE Oregon, a short film produced by La Grande Weather Service, Inc. and La Grande Ride, Inc. This video provides safety and planning concepts practiced for backcountry skiing in Eastern Oregon. See also the cut presented to the Know the Snow contest.

Breakaway Podcast 4-2-14

Dominic Clay, Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd from La Grande Ride HQ discussing thievery, Dominic's winning percentage, Wasteland Project, Cherry Pie, Gorge Roubaix, and more.

^ The tool of choice for the thieves

Wasteland Project Podcast 3-20-14

Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd, and Dominic Clay at La Grande Ride HQ in the good 'ol town of La Grande, OR, USA discussing the debut "Wasteland Project," bike races, Morgan Lake hill record, weather (as usual), and intro-ing and outro-ing with Jay Sean's song: "Ride It".

^ "The Wasteland Project" with the actor's identify concealed
^ Morgan "Lake" Road, not Morgan "Hill" Road
^ Dominic goes 15:41 on Morgan Lake

60 Degrees Podcast 3-13-14

Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd, and Zachary Heath from La Grande Ride HQ, La Grande, Oregon, USA. Topics include: riding in short sleeves, Slammer 2 race, study habits, Morgan wagers, and more.

^ Snow pit perfection by Tesmond
^ Shorts in Boise

Burger Pan Video

A pan of the Burger Butte area for backcountry skiing, starting NW toward La Grande, Oregon and moving to the east. Peaks are Squaw Butte, China Cap, then Burger Butte. Ends looking toward Baker City.

Departing from Catherine Summit on Snowmobile

This is the departure parking for backcountry ski destinations like Trout Creek Burn, Mule Peak, Boulder Creek Basin, & more in the western Wallowas.