Alpine Skiing in Northeast Oregon

The downhill ski resorts in the region are small, and that is the allure. Many people enjoy the intimate feel of the resorts, which are mainly unspoiled by the fanfare and commercialism of the bigger resorts. The lifts are slow and old school and the runs aren't that long, but there is plenty of fun and good snow in Northeast Oregon. You will find the experience very affordable too. Expect to see ranchers pull up in their rigs and farm the slopes in their Carhartt's.

As a bonus, there is some excellent backcountry and slack-country (side-country) options near the resorts. See our AT Guide for more.

Helmet Cam Video, Anthony Lakes

Runs include Tumble Off, Schuss, College, Poster Ridge.

Trying to Land Some Jumps at Anthony Lakes

Heavy snow creating some tough landings at Anthony Lakes Ski Area.