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New #mtb trails finished this week at #MERA, they're already on our map! Look for Ricochet & more north off Flow
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RT @LaGrandeRide: Just posted: California Snob Podcast 10-24-14
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Just posted: California Snob Podcast 10-24-14
7 hours 25 min ago

Zachary Heath, Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd, and later Dominic Clay podcast from La Grande Ride. Topics include new trail reviews, cyclocross racing, smoking products, and more.


Mule Peak, Sand Pass Loop (Trail 1912)

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This is a good hike or run loop with some great views of the western side of the Wallowas. It is strenuous from an elevation gain standpoint, but worth the trip when you arrive at Mule Peak Lookout, an active fire service structure that is manned during certain times of the summer.

The Half Enchilada at Breshears MTB

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A gravity-driven mountain bike ride that combines all the singletrack sections of Breshears to make an epic day of enduro riding. Rack up 4k feet of descending mostly along the ridge between Mt. Fanny and Mt. Harris. If you've done The Whole Enchilada at Moab, you'll notice some similarities. Much information is already provided on The Breshears System, so this is an iteration that is recommended to maximize the mountain bike fun.

La Grande Weather Service Merges with La Grande Ride, Inc.

LA GRANDE, OR—Local business La Grande Weather Service, Inc. (LGDWS) has made the official move to merge with La Grande Ride, Inc. located on 1501 Madison Avenue in La Grande. Since 2009, the weather service has been providing reliable and accurate forecasting for Northeastern Oregon, becoming a corporation in Oregon in 2012. Both businesses have provided complimentary services during recent years which spawned merger talks that became more serious in recent months in an effort to become more efficient. Read more

MERA: Another Indian Rock, Caffeine, Super D, Cougar Trail Loop

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Here is an example of how to integrate some of the new trails at MERA into a bigger ride. None of the trails here are in that great of shape yet, but it shows the potential for a good fitness loop, with some tech skills.

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