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"@Skianthonylakes: Just because the ski season is over doesn't mean the fun has..." Lame that we weren't involved.
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@ShelbyDelong I'm gonna be driving by that next Wednesday!
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RT @UberFacts: Some sex researchers say the maturity of a man can be judged by his underwear - Guys who wear “boyish” briefs may not be rea…
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Communication Technician I Tesmond Hurd and Brian Sather from La Grande Ride HQ. Topics include: New Trails at MERA, Tesmond's new job, Go Home, and Tour of Walla Walla,


Go Home (Director's Cut)

Go Home: Backcountry Skiing in NE Oregon, a short film produced by La Grande Weather Service, Inc. and La Grande Ride, Inc. This video provides safety and planning concepts practiced for backcountry skiing in Eastern Oregon. See also the cut presented to the Know the Snow contest.

Breakaway Podcast 4-2-14

Dominic Clay, Brian Sather and Tesmond Hurd from La Grande Ride HQ discussing thievery, Dominic's winning percentage, Wasteland Project, Cherry Pie, Gorge Roubaix, and more.

^ The tool of choice for the thieves

Imnaha River Trail

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This ride lets you experience the rugged and punishing beauty of Hells Canyon. The difficulty starts with a long dirt road drive to the Imnaha River bridge that is doable, but not recommended, in a passenger car. The trail itself is one of the wider, more solidly constructed trails in the region but is littered with puncture weeds of all varieties. It is a strikingly beautify ride though, alongside the fast-flowing Imnaha River as it funnels through a deep gorge. You arrive at the Snake River 4.3 miles down the trail at a place called Eureka Bar, a defunct mining village.

We now offer Dynafit products!

We are excited to introduce Dynafit products as the only official dealer in Northeast Oregon. Their mission reads: "The Dynafit brand is for people who live mountain sports and Dynafit is committed to serving all ambitious ski mountaineers. We, at Dynafit, constantly strive to make the ski mountaineer stronger in all aspects of the sport." This is fully consistent with the mission of La Grande Ride, Inc. Since we are located in the middle of the most mountainous region of Oregon, it is a natural fit.

Roundabout Spout XC Mountain Bike Race

Saturday, JULY 12, 2014 at 11:00 am

Spout Springs Ski Area, Tollgate, Oregon

"Ride the Unknown!" Read more

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