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Just posted: Big Canyon Climb
22 hours 7 min ago
That was 5 hours of epic #mtb and encountered all of 0 people on the trail. Perhaps my favorite trail yet.
1 day 56 min ago
------------------------ Primary objective reached. Location at
1 day 3 hours ago

Seventeen miles of monotonous gravel climbing will reward you only at the very end with Mont Ventoux-style massacred landscape with a view complements of recent fires. The road drags on forever up Big Canyon, seemingly not gaining any elevation. After about 11 miles the road splits and some real...


Van Patten Lake MTB O&B (AKA Little Alps)

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This trail's destination is purely and simply Van Patten Lake. The brook trout fishing is excellent, cliff diving exhilarating, backcountry skiing fantastic, and scenery is rugged alpine--and the trail is fun to ride too. VPL is short enough for a family hike yet remote enough for a backpacking overnight experience that feels remote. By bike, it is a moderately steep but consistent climb up a road and then some steep singletrack that is challenging and fun to descend.

Ruby Peak DH

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Hidden in the woods on the north side of Ruby Peak is the closest thing to a DH bike trail I've ridden in Northeast Oregon. I got a tip about "a motor bike trail that people mountain bike on Ruby Peak" by an unknowing skier I met a few years ago. The locals were coy with me on exactly where this secret trail was so I sniffed it out myself. It contains full-committal jumps, drops, rocks, and lose swooping berm turns, none of which I trusted to take full on. The soil is very loose in the dark woods of this trail, so the berms looks more like a ticket to a tree.

Thonney Wins Mountain Bike Race at Spout Springs

TOLLGATE, OR-- Kevin Thonney (Bicycle Barn) of Walla Walla charged up the ski hill to take the KOM prime and never looked back for a decisive win at the Roundabout Spout XC Mountain Bike Race July 12, 2014. Jonathan Myers (Team S&M) of Portland moved into 2nd place on the difficult climbs at the far end of the course as Dominic Clay (Oregon Trail) of La Grande held steady to round out the podium. Barbara Kreisle of Boise took the win despite double flatting out on the course. Read more

^ Thonney for the win. Photo E. Mills
^ Myers finished second. Photo L. Sather
^ Myers (left) and Clay finished 2nd and 3rd overall. Photo E. Mills.
^ Life flight was well positioned on the sledding hill of Spout Springs.
^ Kreisle celebrates her QOM with a drink. Picture B. Welch.
^ Union County Search & Rescue ambitiously leads out the Sport Category
^ Javin Berg of Dixie, WA won the Sport Category
^ It was a 3 man race at the bottom of the ski hill climb for the KOM prize.
^ The Life Flight helicopter with an impressive take-off and landing.
^ Expert men podium
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